Drive-In pallet racking- Cost Effective Storage Solution For Warehouses

Drive-In pallet racking- Cost Effective Storage Solution For Warehouses

A pallet rack has become ubiquitous in most warehouses and storage areas, simply because it is one of the best options. Consisting of a series of upright frames, pallets racks are connected by horizontal beams that conveniently hold pallet or non- palletised products. What a pallet rack holds is determined by what kind of frame configuration and what kind of support beams are used.

Pallet racks that are widely used are of two types:

  1. Drive-In pallet racks
  2. Drive-Thru pallet racks

The main difference between both these racks is the entry and exit points.

What are Drive-in/Drive-Thru Pallet Racks?

drive-in pallet racks

Drive-in racks have only one entry point, where both man and machines can access the cargo via same entry point and exit from same point. By nature of its infrastructure, drive-in racks automatically use the last in, first out (LIFO) inventory system.

Drive-thru racks have one point for entry, where both man and machinery can enter and leave through separate exit point. This type of pallet racking system allows the FIFO or First In, First Out system.

Where use Drive-In/Drive-Thru Racks?

If you have limited storage capacity in the warehouse, Drive-in racks are your best choice, as they are ideal for storing non-perishable goods like electronics and machinery. But did you know drive-in racks are used in cold storages such as refrigerated warehouses where the temperature has to remain constant at a certain level? Slow moving fragile products can also find safe haven with drive-through racks.

The use of Drive-through racks is the stark opposite to Drive-in racks because they are ideal for warehouses that store perishables, excluding the cold storage items.

If you are endowed with enough room and looking for easy loading/unloading, then the Drive-through rack is a good pick, as it is ideal for warehouses that store perishables, excluding the cold storages.

Benefits of Drive-In Rack:

  1. Maximising cubic space by high density storage
  2. Limited stock rotation – particularly suitable for seasonal goods and fluctuating stock demands
  3. Ideal for cold and frozen storage applications, Accessible by the First-In, Last-Out principle
  4. Used for bulk goods of the same type, Suitable for fragile loads, which cannot be bulk stacked

Points To Be Consider While Choosing Pallet Racks

Pallet racks are versatile storage solutions. You can simply install any type of pallet rack and make use of it. But the smartest thing you can do is analyse your organizational needs, which will help you determine your options. Different factors come into play:

  1. Storage capacity in your warehouse or factory.
  2. Extra space available to accommodate certain types of pallet racking system
  3. Sufficient space for unloading and loading
  4. Determine storage of perishable and non-perishable goods
  5. The time it takes to unload a typical order from a pallet
  6. Match expenses with business goals
  7. Budget for forklifts and manpower

Finally, you just have to ask if the pallet rack of your choice is right for you.

Drive-In Pallet Racking System: Wise Investment For Warehouses

drive in pallet racking

The purpose of this blog is to effectively cover all aspects of pallet racks. Hence, it is only just that we give you a quick look of the downside of using drive-in racks to prepare you to handle any requirement that might arise.

  • Hire expert forklift drivers who can weave their way in and out of the maze of racks without causing any accidents.
  • Use high-quality pallets that will withstand the weight of the stored products.
  • Be aware of inaccessibility to internal pallets that might lead to unretrievable products.
  • If you installed the drive-in pallet racking system with a specific size, it cannot be changed or modified to big/small pallets.
  • Consider the inventory of your loading and unloading processes.
  • Implement a forklift safety protocols for pallet racking maintenance, the safety of your manpower and the stored goods.
  • Create the rapport of the forklifts with the structural dimensions.


If you are looking to increase the storage space with streamlined warehouse procedures, drive-in pallet racks are the best solution for you. Installing one of pallet racking system always requires systematic loading and unloading. This allows you to track what is entering and leaving the warehouse. However, the best thing about drive-in pallet racks is that they are affordable as a space-saving storage solution. Most warehouses choose these pallet racks because they provide high density pallet storage.

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