What Is A Drive-In Rack & Where You Can Use These Racks?

What Is A Drive-In Rack & Where You Can Use These Racks?

Drive-in pallet racking has become a very popular solution with storage solutions that adapt to the increasing demand for space and convenience. A drive-in pallet racking  (DPR) is a type of high-density pallet racking that uses ledges instead of beams. The shelves are assembled from cantilevered rails into a series of blocks that allow forklifts to drive directly into the empty cavities to drop off or pick up items. Depending on the storage requirements of each warehouse, drive-in racks can be stacked up to 12m high. Pallets can be stored in these blocks as shelves allow.

Heavy-duty bracing are symmetrically connected to the drive-in shelf for added strength and load-bearing capacity. A backstop at the end of the pallet skid prevents the pallet from being pushed back too far and damaging the back brace.

Here are the benefits of drive-in pallet racking?

This type of racks has many advantages, starting with the price. Drive-in pallet racks are often a cheaper option in the long run than other storage solutions, but initial installation prices can be slightly higher than others. Perfect for areas with limited space allocated for storage. Flexible depth and height density allows you to store an amazing 75% more inventory in the exact same place. Available in a range of widths and thicknesses, rack uprights include guide rails to optimize safety when loading and unloading pallets and additional protection to minimize damage to pallets and racks is included.

Storage System Vietnam knows storage solution

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