One of the Best Storage Solutions for Difficult Shaped Stock

One of the Best Storage Solutions for Difficult Shaped Stock

If you’ve worked in the material handling industry, you know that some inventory is much more difficult to store than others. Whether it’s oddly shaped, incredibly long, or irregularly shaped, it’s hard to find a shelving solution to keep these items neat and safe. Learn what types of storage professionals are in shape and what shelving options are best for them.

What are the difficult items to store?

There are a variety of items that can cause headaches in even the most experienced material handler, including many of the commodities you use every day. This includes drywall, lumber, furniture, rolls of carpet, wood packaging, pipes, Includes materials such as  steel bars. They vary in weight, length, width, and fragility, so it’s important to have a storage solution that accommodates such items.

What solutions are available to solve this issue?

One of Storage System Vietnam’s most popular solutions for oddly shaped goods is the versatile cantilever pallet rack. Ideal for bulky, odd-shaped loads (wide, long, or anything in between) that would be difficult to fit on a standing shelf system. Cantilever racks have become a  popular choice for storing awkward items and materials. He comes in two versions, heavy and light, and the cantilever rack has an independent structure. Users have the option to adjust the tiers (arms) on one or both sides, making it easy to adjust the shelf to fit the items being stored. This is especially useful for warehouses with constantly changing inventory.

Storage System Vietnam can help you store your difficult stock

Our mission is to maximize the storage capacity of businesses and industries to serve more customers and ultimately increase  profits. It’s important to have a  storage solution if you need awkwardly shaped material. At Storage System Vietnam, we test all our products to make sure they work and are of  high quality. Customer satisfaction and safety are our top priorities, and with over 15 years in the  handling and storage industry, we aim to maintain our reputation as the leader in cost-effective pallet racking.

Trust the Experts in Stock Storage Solutions

Contact us today to learn more about our products or find the perfect solution for your inventory. We pride ourselves on providing storage solutions for businesses of all sizes around the world.

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