Top 5 Mistakes Need To Avoid When Buying The Australian Pallet Racking

Top 5 Mistakes Need To Avoid When Buying The Australian Pallet Racking

If you could turn back time, there’s bound to be some mistakes you’d like to undo (this hairstyle from your teenage years is one of them). Time travel may not be an option in this millennium, but experience and lessons learned are the next best thing for avoiding mistakes in the first place.

In  this blog, we will describe the common mistakes every warehouse owner needs to avoid when buying the Australian Pallet Racking. Mistakes to choose the wrong type of pallet racks can be very dangerous for warehouse safety and efficiency. That’s why we want to help you by giving you  the foresight you need to make the best decisions regarding the purchase, use and maintenance of your pallet racking system. Here are the most common mistakes we’ve encountered over the years  at Storage Systems Vietnam.

Australian Pallet Racking

Australian Pallet Racking

5 Common Pallet Racking Mistakes 

1. Incompatibility

One of the most common mistakes  is purchasing racking that are incompatible with the company’s products, storage space, vehicles, and existing pallets. When purchasing shelving, you should consider the materials you will be storing, the amount of  space available for shelving, and the type of forklift you will be using.

When purchasing Racking, please come to the table  with all  specifications to avoid accidents.

2. Buy Used & Low Quality Pallet Racks

With the right pallet racking system, materials can be safely stored and managed on the pallet and are worth using properly. Get it wrong and things can quickly go awry, resulting in unnecessary expenses later on replacing defective shelves or fixing damaged inventory. Some used pallet racking suppliers are reputable and offer quality pre-owned racking systems, but not all of them are reliable. 

 As with most things, if it’s very cheap, it might be too good. So if you worry about quality, make sure your supplier can guarantee it. Alternatively, we recommend purchasing used shelving from a reputable racking supplier.

3. No Pallet Racking protection in place

Damage is often caused by lack of racking protection, improper loading, or vehicles such as forklifts running over the racking frame or shelf. Therefore, additional protection with end wrap barriers, post guards and loading shields is highly recommended to prevent abuse and overload. 

 Pallet racking systems  are business assets, so it makes sense to take steps to protect them in the same way that you insure your property.

4. Not planning for future expansion

If you are planning to expand your business, it is advisable to also plan to expand your racking system. It is  more cost and time efficient to make them compatible with each other. 

 If you are not sure how many racks you need, we recommend that you ask your warehouse to  survey the space to determine your needs.

5. Lack of proactive maintenance and repairs

An often overlooked mistake is pallet racking maintenance and repair. Pallet Racking are susceptible to wear and tear, such as vehicle crashes and overloads, and failure to maintain them when damage occurs can result in irreparable damage and safety hazards. 

 Don’t risk compromising worker and inventory safety through ignorance. If you notice any damage, work together to repair it or contact the supplier for repair assistance. 

 According to the Health and Safety at Work Act 197  also stipulates that racks must be maintained and requires annual inspections to ensure that it meets the applicable requirements of the act. Keep the above points in mind when purchasing and maintaining the Pallet Racking System, and consult a warehouse professional if you have any concerns. Get your pallet racking system right with Storage Systems Vietnam.

We have more than 15 years experience of advising our customers on the optimisation of their warehouses to increase the storage capacity. So if you need  help deciding which pallet rack is best for your business, we can help. Contact us now to discuss the optimisation of your warehouse. 

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