Drive In Racks

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Storage System’s Drive-In Racking is ideal for storing large quantities of the same type of goods, the existing space can be used up to 90% more effectively with Drive-In racking compared to standard, conventional pallet storage systems.

Working on a FILO principle, Drive-In racking eliminates the need for aisles by having forklift trucks drive into the racking system to pick and stored goods. This means, individual pallets cannot be accessed directly, but one by one from the front of the rack. Drive-In racking provides a safe and efficient equivalent of block stacking for loads which are too fragile or unstable to be stacked on top of each other.



  • Maximising cubic spaceby high density storage
  • Limited stock rotation – particularly suitable for seasonal goods and fluctuating stock demands
  • Ideal for cold and frozen storage applications, Accessible by the First-In, Last-Out principle
  • Used for bulk goods of the same type, Suitable for fragile loads, which cannot be bulk stacked
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